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Types And Styles Of Single Beds

BedKingdom offers over two dozen single bed styles to choose from. Browse options with tons of storage, lofted beds for extra space, and different materials that are each made to last.

  • Ottoman: Lift the mattress to reveal hidden storage
  • Metal: These frames are lightweight, durable, and easy to move
  • Captain: Slightly lofted, these beds have drawers for added storage
  • Wooden: Built to last, wooden frames are heavy but sturdy
  • Daybed with trundle: Tuck extra sleeping space underneath a daybed
  • Storage: Cubbies and drawers keep your space organised
  • High-sleeper: Lofted option perfect for siblings and teenagers

Single Bed Materials And Sizes

Velvet, metal, solid wood, and more. BedKingdom carries a wide variety of single beds — here, there’s something for everyone and every room.

All our single beds are crafted with materials that are safe and durable, so you can trust that your purchase will last.

Plus, we offer to carry the standard single bed size, measuring at least 90 x 190 cm. Beds with high headends and foot ends may measure up to 100 cm or more in height and can vary by product. We recommend you check product details and measure your space before purchasing.

Do Single Beds Come With Mattresses?

Yes, our single beds come with the option to add a mattress. We recommend any of these mattress types to accompany your single bed purchase:

Protect your single bed, protect your health. Keep things like dust, microorganisms, and dirt out of your single bed with our mattress protectors. They’re washable, they’re affordable, and they prolong the life of your bed purchase.

Do more for your child’s health when you invest in a bunk bed mattress protector at a discount with your bunk bed purchase.

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Pay now, pay later — it’s up to you. We partner with Klarna so you can shop with just a few clicks. It’s simple, safe, secure, and you have up to 30 days to pay with no interest or fees. Learn more about financing to calculate your monthly payment.

Single Beds FAQs

You’ve got questions about single beds. We’ve got answers. Use the FAQs below to learn more about single beds, their benefits, and potential disadvantages.

Are Single Beds Suitable For Adults?

Yes and no — it depends on what you want from your bed, and how big your space is. Single beds are ideal for solo sleepers and smaller rooms. For this reason, many parents find they’re great for kids, pre-teens, and teenagers.

Adults can use single beds. But if you’re on the taller side, or if you’re in a couple, a double bed or larger may be a better choice.

What Types Of Bedding Are Suitable For Single Beds?

Sheets, blankets, duvets, quilts, and most other types of bedding are great for single beds. What you use to cover your bed largely depends on preference and temperature. As you shop, make sure you look for bedding categorised for single beds — or at least 125 x 200 cm.

What’s The Difference Between Single Beds And Double Beds?

Single beds and double beds are both on the narrow end of the bed spectrum. They’re both 90 cm long, but double beds are 45 cm wider than singles.

Bed Size Dimensions W x L (cm) Dimensions W x L (in)
Single 90 x 190 3'0" x 6'3"
Double 135 x 190 4'6" x 6'3"

How Much Weight Can A Single Bed Support?

This depends on the bed you buy, but on average, you can expect a single bed to support between 250 and 300 pounds.

What Are The Benefits Of A Single Bed?

Single beds are compact and have small footprints, making them great for small bedrooms, guest rooms, and dorm rooms.

They’re relatively narrow. So if you’re a solo sleeper and/or a side sleeper, a single bed is a great cost-effective choice.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Single Bed?

As you know, single beds are compact. This is an advantage for some people, and a disadvantage for others — especially tall people and couples.

There’s also not a ton of room to stretch out, and single beds can make larger rooms look small. If you’ve got the space, we recommend going with a double bed or bigger.

Have More Questions?

At Bed Kingdom, we’re here to help. Send us your questions and comments online, or visit us in person at our showroom in West Yorkshire.