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Toddler Beds

Toddler Beds from Bed Kingdom

As your little one grows, they'll need a bed that grows with them. A toddler bed is an ideal way to transition young children from a cot into a bed, providing the safety and security of a smaller space with the grown-up functionality of a proper bedroom. Our toddler beds cover a wide range of tastes and styles to suit rooms of all shapes, sizes and scales. Our collection of unique toddler beds includes:

House and tent toddler beds

One of the best ways to make bedtime fun is with a unique, themed toddler bed. Tent and house beds have rapidly grown in popularity to enhance bedrooms, providing a fun play area that promotes a healthy, safe night's sleep. Our range includes a wide selection of playhouses, tents and teepee-style beds that fit into many different décor styles. From walled playhouses to simple a-frames, our themed beds are ideal for any toddler.

Toddler day beds

Day beds are the ideal way to add storage to the bedroom, with trundle drawers providing ample space for clothes and toys to keep their bedroom clutter-free. With the bonus of acting as a sofa during the daytime, day beds are multi-functional options that most toddlers will enjoy. The added feature of a sleeping bar ensures they stay safe and secure all night long.

Starter beds for toddlers

Starter beds are the ideal transition from a cot into a bigger bed for younger toddlers. These introductory beds are close to the floor and include sidebars to ensure your little one is safe in their sleep. If you're all about simplicity, a basic starter bed ticks all the boxes while giving you plenty of creative licenses to transform a bedroom space.

Toddler car beds

Bring their imagination to life with a uniquely shaped car bed designed to emulate different cartoons and real-life cars or vehicles. If you want a bed that doubles as the perfect toy, opting for a police car or tractor bed is the ideal option to spark plenty of playtime fun. Car beds come in a wide range of shapes and styles, allowing you to match their bed to your choice of décor effortlessly.

Toddler carriage beds

Much like car beds, our range of carriage beds is the perfect option for any prince or princess looking for the royal treatment. These unique beds feature three-dimensional designs to boost your little one's imagination, with accessories offering even more bedtime fun. Our selection of carriage beds ranges from relatively simple to all-out royalty, providing something that any toddler will love.

Toddler bunkbeds

Bunkbeds or mid-sleeper beds are ideal for older toddlers and children who have mastered using a ladder or staircase. These stilted beds include all the safety features necessary to keep children safe, including a complete safety bar around the bed to provide your little one with a space that's all their own. Stilted beds also offer plenty more storage space, with the option to place shelves, buckets or a low chest of drawers underneath to help clear the clutter.

Convertible cot beds

If you're not quite at the toddler bed stage yet, investing in a high-quality crib that is fully convertible into a bed is your ideal solution. Our convertible crib range ticks the boxes for style and functionality for newborns and babies. Once they're ready to transition into a real bed, remove the bars, and you're good to go. Going convertible is the way to do it if you want your crib to last beyond the baby years.