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Discover our elegant cabin beds crafted for comfort and lasting durability.

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Types and styles of cabin beds

With over a hundred bed types to choose from, there’s something for everyone at BedKingdom. Explore our cabin beds and mid sleepers to find the perfect fit for your child:

  • Captains bed: Also called a cabin bed, these are slightly lofted and typically narrow
  • Mid sleepers: Lofted beds with space for a desk, storage, and more underneath
  • Cabin bed with storage: Slightly lofted bed sitting neatly on top of built-in drawers
  • Guest bed with trundle: A narrow bed with a second roll-out bed underneath
  • Treehouse mid sleepers: Whimsical mid sleeper shaped like a treehouse
  • Gaming beds: Give your kid a dedicated video game area under their bed
  • Slide beds: Mornings are easier when kiddos can slide out of bed (literally)

Materials and sizes of kids cabin beds

At BedKingdom, we understand that your child’s bed has to be built to last with quality materials. That’s why our beds are always crafted with the finest wood, metal, and sustainable practices.

In fact, many of our solid wood cabin beds and mid sleepers are made with wood certified by the FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC helps prevent illegal logging practices to protect fragile ecosystems and eliminate the use of pesticides so you can shop with confidence.

Not sure which size is right? Our cabin beds and midsleeper beds are available in single, single continental, and shorty sizes. Use the chart below to help decide which bed size is the best fit for your child.

Age range for cabin beds for kids

BedKingdom’s collection of cabin beds is best for toddlers, teenagers, and every age in between. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a chart to help you decide:

Type Size Recommended age
Shorty bed 30" x 69” (75 x 175 cm) 4+
Single bed 38" x 75" (90 x 190 cm) 4+
Single continental bed 36" x 78" (90 x 200 cm) 6+

You’ll know your kiddo is ready for a cabin bed or mid sleeper when they can safely get in and out of bed on their own. Although, some children (especially smaller children) may need extra features like LED ladder lights to make the climb safer, and easier.

Do cabin beds come with mattresses?

Yes, all of our cabin beds and mid sleepers come with the option to include a mattress with your purchase. We recommend any of these mattress types for your child’s cabin bed:

Or simply choose a mattress type and size from the drop-down menus before adding any of our beds to your cart. Remember to add a mattress protector at a discount to your purchase!

Credit options

Pay now or pay later — it’s up to you. BedKingdom partners with Klarna so you can shop for cabin beds and midsleeper beds with just a few clicks.

Financing is simple, safe, secure. Plus, you have up to 30 days to pay with no interest or fees. Learn more about financing to calculate your monthly cabin bed payment with BedKingdom.

Have more questions?

At BedKingdom, we’re here to help. Send us your questions and comments online, or visit us in person at our expansive showroom in West Yorkshire to shop cabin beds, midsleeper beds, and more.