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How often should you change your bed sheets?
How often should you change your bed sheets?
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  • The Understated Influence of Mattresses on Posture and Health
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    The Understated Influence of Mattresses on Posture and Health

    When you think of a restful night's sleep, there's an often overlooked yet critical factor in play – the choice of your mattress. It may be a surprise, but the mattress you sleep on can influence your posture and overall well-being.

    Investing in a high-quality mattress designed to support the alignment of your spine allows your back to settle into its natural position. This significantly reduces the risk of posture-related issues and helps maintain the natural curvature of your spine.

  • Gaming bunk bed
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    Cost-Effective Tips to Upgrade Your Child's Bedroom

    Every parent wants to see their child's eyes light up when they enter their bedroom. But the thought of a room makeover can be daunting, especially when considering the costs involved. The good news is that it doesn't have to be expensive! Let's dive into the secrets of upgrading your child's bedroom without overspending.

  • Someone sleeping on mattress on the ground
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    The Science Behind Grounding Your Bed: Fact or Fiction?

    The idea of "grounding your bed" or "earthing" has grown in popularity as a wellness practice with supposed health benefits in recent years. Sleeping with your body connected to the Earth's surface, according to theorists, can enhance your sleep, lessen inflammation, and enhance your general well-being. However, is there any evidence to back up these claims, or is it just a wellness fad? To differentiate between reality and fantasy, let's examine the details behind grounding your bed.

  • Flair Furnishings Manilla Bunk Bed
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    How to make a Japandi styled room

    In recent years, a fresh style has become popular that melds the ageless beauty of Japanese minimalism with the practicality of Scandinavian design. This style is named Japandi and it has gained recognition for its serene combination of minimalism, natural materials, and neat edges. Japandi pieces of furniture have become a favourite among home decor lovers who want a peaceful and balanced look for their living areas.

  • Big dog under the duvet
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    Is it OK to share a bed with your dog?

    Should you share a bed with your dog? Sharing a bed with a dog can be a delightful experience for pet owners. However, before you decide to snuggle up with your four-legged friend, it's important to consider both the positives and negatives of sleeping like this.

  • Woman not being able to sleep.
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    Top 10 Reasons Why People Struggle To Sleep At Night

    Getting a good night's sleep is essential for our overall well-being, yet many people struggle to fall and stay asleep. There can be various reasons behind this, ranging from lifestyle habits to medical conditions. In this article, we will explore the top 10 reasons people can't sleep, backed by research and expert opinions.

  • Pinterest Competition
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    Win Your Dream Bed Pinterest Competition

    Do you think you have a flair for style, and do you keep up to date with the latest home trends? We’re calling on interior enthusiasts, amateur designers, and those looking to be more experimental with their décor to enter our brand-new Pinterest competition to bring their bedroom to life and win a bed and accessories. 

    All we’re asking you to do is create a Pinterest board with 15 pins of your dream bedroom makeover including a bed of your choice. From divans to Ottomans, sleigh beds to metal frames, has a great selection of beds to whet your creative appetite. 


  • Cyber Monday Sale 2022
  • Recoil Quartz Corner Gaming Desk
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    A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Gaming Desk

    When it comes to creating the perfect gaming setup, arguably the most important factor to consider is the desk. After all, this is where you'll be spending most of your time, so you'll want to make sure you have a comfortable and functional desk that meets all your needs.

  • Man dreaming about getting abducted by aliens.
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    The Meaning Behind Our Dreams

    Dreams and nightmares have been a topic of fascination for people throughout history. While there is still much mystery surrounding what exactly Dreams and nightmares are, there are some theories about what may cause them. Here are some of the most common types of Dreams and Nightmares.

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