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Bed Kingdom's kids house beds - playful designs, cozy sleep & imaginative spaces for little ones.

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House Beds Types & Styles

House beds are imaginative bed designs that can transform your kid’s bedroom into a magical space. Bed Kingdom house beds come in various forms, including treehouse beds, playhouse beds. House beds are an eye-catching central piece and a focal point for kids' bedroom decor. These beds not only provide a cosy sleeping area but also encourage creativity and inspire fun.

Some other popular house bed types include:

  • House Bunk Beds
  • Cabin Beds
  • Trundle Beds
  • Single and Double House Beds

What are Montessori House Beds?

Montessori house beds are low-to-the-floor beds for young children inspired by the Montessori educational philosophy. These beds are designed to provide children with a safe and independent sleeping environment by giving them freedom of movement and the ability to independently climb in and out of bed.

The benefits of Montessori house beds include:

  • Promoting independence
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Providing safety
  • Fostering a sense of security

Some suitable Montessori house bed products include:

Things to Consider When Buying a House Bed

When buying a house bed, several factors must be considered to ensure that you make the right choice. These factors include the size of the room in which the bed will be placed, the type and size of the mattress, the age of the children using the bed, and safety features.

The benefits of Montessori house beds include:

  • Room Size: It's essential to consider the size of the room where the bed will be placed. A house bed is usually larger than a regular one, so it's important to ensure enough space to accommodate it comfortably.
  • Mattress: The type of mattress used with the house bed is also an important factor to consider. Since the bed is typically closer to the ground, choosing a mattress that's not too thick or firm is important. Memory foam or a latex mattress may be a good choice, but ensuring it fits the bed frame perfectly is important.
  • Kid's Age: The age of the child using the bed is another important consideration. A house bed is a perfect option for younger kids but most likely isn’t suitable for kids above 10 or teenagers. Go for a regular bed with a higher frame in that case.
  • Safety: You should always consider safety when buying a house bed. Make sure the bed is sturdy and doesn’t have sharp edges or corners. It should also feature safety rails to prevent a child from falling off the bed. And finally, the bed needs to meet safety standards and regulations.

Are House Beds Difficult to Assemble?

House beds aren’t difficult to assemble, provided you carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. We have also prepared some tips for you to help make the assembly process smoother.

  • As already mentioned, first read the manual carefully and thoroughly.
  • Lay out all the bed parts and hardware in a neat, open space. This will help you identify and access the parts easily.
  • Before you begin, prepare tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, and Allen wrench.
  • Follow the order of the instructions of the manual.>
  • Don’t rush through the assembly process. Take your time, go slowly; if you have difficulties, step back, consult the manual, and try again.>

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