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Divan Bed Types & Styles

Whether you’re looking for a single divan bed, a double divan bed, or a king size divan bed, we have what you need. We even offer divan beds in less common sizes like small single, small double and super king! Our divan beds come in a wide variety of fabrics and colours too. These range from soft neutral mink or grey to bright red, royal purple, petal pink and navy blue.

Our range of divan beds includes:

  • Single Divan Beds: A single divan bed is perfect for a guest or spare room since it takes up minimal space.
  • Double Divan Beds: If you’re furnishing a smaller bedroom and need a bed for two, a double divan bed is an ideal choice.
  • King Size Divan Beds: A king size divan bed gives you the comfort of a divan base and room to spread out. Try adding a padded headboard for extra luxury!
  • Divan Beds with Storage: Make great use of space with a divan storage bed. Handy drawers in the divan frame mean no dusty, untidy boxes under the bed.
  • Fabric Beds: Our divan beds are available in fabrics to fit any décor style. Try a simple linen look or go glam with sparkling crushed velvet.

Many of our divan beds also have multiple options for storage:

  • Storage bed with a two-drawer arrangement - This option provides additional storage, with drawers typically situated on both sides at one end of the bed. For example, a drawer at each side of the bottom of the bed, which avoids any obstruction from a bedside table.
  • Storage bed with a four-drawer arrangement - For maximum storage, get a divan bed base with four drawers, two on each side, both top and bottom. This allows you to use the storage space beneath your entire bed for clothes, bedding or anything else for that matter.

Our range of divan beds includes:

  • Single Divan Beds: A single divan bed is perfect for a guest...

Many of our divan beds also have multiple options for storage:

  • Storage bed with a two-drawer arrangement - This option provides...

Divan Bed Materials & Sizes

Our divan beds are available in so many sizes:

  • Small single - Slightly narrower than a single bed, measuring 75cm in width, making them ideal for smaller children or guest rooms.
  • Single - The classic single bed, which is 90cm wide and 190cm in length for one person, child or adult.
  • Small double - Whether it’s extra space for your growing teenager or a space-saving solution for a couple’s bedroom, a small double is a great option.
  • Double - Double beds are amongst the most popular for two people, measuring 135cm in width.
  • King - Go large with a king size bed, providing a little more wiggle room for two adults with 15cm more width than a double and 10cm more length.
  • Super king - As the largest standard bed size, a super king can fit as many as three people across its 180cm of width.
Bed Size Width Length
Single 90 cm (2'11") 190 cm (6'2.8")
Small Double 120 cm (3'11") 190 cm (6'2.8")
Double 135 cm (4'5.1") 190 cm (6'2.8")
King 150 cm (4'11.1") 200 cm (6'6.7")
Super King 180 cm (5'10.9") 200 cm (6'6.7")

Fabric options range from neutral linen to more luxurious fabrics like velvet.

What’s great about our divan beds is that many of them are highly customisable. Click on the divan bed frame of your choice to see a host of options for size, fabric, colour, and storage. What’s more, many of our divan beds allow you to buy your headboard separately. That gives you even more flexibility in style.

Divan beds use the same bedding that you’d buy for a slatted bed frame of the same bed size. So when it comes to dressing your divan bed, there are no limitations!

Do Divan Beds Come with Mattresses?

Our divan beds typically do come with mattresses. However, some items listed under divan beds don’t, so it’s key to check what’s included with your specific product. In particular, an item listed as “divan base” most likely doesn’t include a mattress.

Also, be sure to check whether your divan bed frame includes a headboard. Many of our divan beds don’t include the headboard. This allows you to customise your headboard or skip the headboard if you like. Take a look at the bed listing to see a suggested headboard to match!

How to put a divan bed together?

Divan beds are known for coming in two separate parts. This makes it easier to transport the bed into your room of choice. Thankfully, the process to put them together is refreshingly easy.

One method is to use U-clips, which clip the two ends of the bed together at either side, from underneath. Alternatively, a linking bar may be screwed into both sides of the bed to hold both ends together. Finally, some beds come with centre clips which allow one end of the bed to slot into the other which holds it in place.

How much weight can a divan bed hold?

The weight a divan bed can hold depends on the bed size as well as its sturdiness. Naturally, double and king size beds will hold more weight than a single, for example. You can expect a single divan bed to support weights around 100kg, while larger beds typically support upwards of 200kg.

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