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What is a teenager bed?

Every teenager needs a place to call their own — and for most teens, that place is their bedroom.

Teen beds are made to match teen rooms and usually include storage or lofted sleeping areas. That’s why they’re versatile and ideal for creating multifunctional spaces.

Teenage beds types and styles

Every teen has a unique personality and own unique style. Luckily, that’s why Bed Kingdom offers a versatile collection of teen beds, each made to match your teenager’s aesthetic.

  • Single beds: Simple, sturdy frame
  • Loft beds (high sleepers): Narrow mattresses lofted to the ceiling
  • Gaming beds: Loft bed with space to game underneath
  • Bunk beds: Ideal for siblings sharing one room
  • Captain’s beds: Platform beds with storage space

From simple single beds to sky-high lofts, all our teen beds feature the following:

  • Smart design
  • Durable construction materials
  • Safety features
  • Size and colour variations

Teenager loft beds

Loft beds give teenagers more space to study, game, and relax. These high-rise frames transform any bedroom into a highly usable space that can evolve. So as your teenager changes, their room can too.

Going from middle school to high school? Swap out the bean bag chair for a desk.

Making more friends? Use the extra space to create a den perfect for gaming in groups.

New hobbies and interests? Support your teen by giving them a dedicated space to practise.

Teenager loft beds sizes and materials

All our loft beds are made with safe, quality materials parents can trust at affordable prices. That’s why we only use the finest particle board and wood-slatted bases to craft beds made to last. Most of our loft beds fit standard single mattresses, or 90 cm x190 cm.

Teenager beds age range

Our teen bed collection is ideal for pre-teens to high schoolers or 12 to 18. Plus, our teen collection includes beds suitable for all genders.

Pro tip! Your teen’s bed should help them transition through adolescence and be slightly on the larger end. This way, as your teen grows, they only need one bed instead of multiple.

Teen beds range from small single to king. But the right size for your teenager depends on their needs and the size of their room. Here’s a glance at standard teen bed sizes:

Small Single Standard Single European Single Small Double
75 cm x 120 cm 90 cm x 190 cm 90 cm x 200 cm 120 cm x 190 cm
30″ x 75″ 36″ x 75″ 36″ x 79″ 48″ x 75″
2’6′” x 6’3″ 3′ x 6’3″ 3′ x 6’6″ 4′ x 6’3″

How to choose the best bed for teenagers

With tons of teen beds, knowing which one is right is tricky. Use the tips below to find a bed your teenager will love.

  • Measure your teen's room size to make sure the bed will fit
  • Choose a design that matches your child's style
  • Find a model that will maximise space (with storage, a gaming area, or a deskYou'rere good to go as long as the bed you choose fits your child’s room, style, and needs.

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