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Nursery Cots from Bed Kingdom

The cost is the focal point of any nursery. Whether you love vintage furniture or your preference is modern and sleek, our wide selection of styles and options ensures you can choose a coat that perfectly suits your space. If you want to give your little one the best night's sleep, the right cot is the ideal place to start. Our range of nursery cots includes:

Under drawer cots

Under drawer cots are one of the most common options available for nurseries, combining the practicality of a trundle drawer with the classic shape of a traditional cot. Cots with drawers are the ideal option for nurseries needing additional storage space, allowing cot sheets, blankets or pyjamas to be placed nearby, ready for bedtime. Our under-drawer cots come in a wide range of styles and finishes, from ultra-modern and minimalist to rustic, old-world charm, to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Bedside cribs

During the first few weeks of a baby's life, using a bedside cot or sleeper is a specific option many new parents choose to keep their bundle of joy close. Our bedside cribs offer the flexibility of lighter furniture, allowing for ease of movement throughout the house is required. With a sturdy frame and soft construction, a bedside crib is an ideal way to sleep alongside your baby safely. At the same time, additional storage is perfect for storing clothes, nappies and other baby items that may be needed overnight.

Classic cots

Classic cots provide style and simplicity in one. If you'd like your cot to make a statement with no added extras, opting for a style with no additional features may suit your décor best. There's more than one way to make a cot stand out, and our range's numerous colourways and unique shapes cover every taste. From vibrant and bold to minimalist Scandinavian and true traditional, our collection of classic cots works for many different interior preferences.

Rocker cots

Rocker cots include a nursery staple to help soothe baby to sleep through the use of rocker legs. Enabling gentle movement, rocker cots are ideal for fussy babies or for any parents that love the look of traditional furniture in their nursery décor. Available in several different styles, our rocking cots fit the style of nurseries of all shapes and sizes and are perfectly paired with an armchair or other seating to allow you to rock baby to sleep night after night.

Vintage cots

Our attractive vintage cots tick the boxes if you're all about style for your nursery décor. A metal cot, for example, is a bold way to express your style in a nursery, creating a unique décor style that's all your own. If you're a fan of standing out, going for our vintage selection is the ideal way to do things differently while still providing your new arrival with the best safety and security.

Storage cots

Storage costs are a step above the average trundle drawer cot, providing multiple drawers and storage solutions to clear away clutter effortlessly. The perfect match for a smaller nursery, the storage that these cots provide makes them multi-purpose and twice as valuable for rooms that don't have space for a chest of drawers or wardrobes. From toys to clothes, nappies to accessories, a storage cot helps to put everything in its place.

Adjustable cots

An adjustable cot grows as your little one does, allowing you to adapt and change configurations from newborn to baby to toddler. Our beds include options for lowering or increasing the height of the baby's mattress, ensuring their safety, and options with removable bars. Choosing an adjustable cot gives you all the freedom without sacrificing style if you're keen on investing in long-lasting furniture.