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Kids beds types and styles

Whether your little one wants to be a princess or a policeman, BedKingdom has the perfect bed to match their unique personality. Browse our collection of kid beds, each made with your child in mind and designed to last a lifetime.

  • Single Beds: A simple solution for small spaces, single beds are perfect for little ones and teenagers alike. These beds are cosy enough for toddlers but have enough room to grow up (and in) too.
  • Bunk Beds: Bunk beds save tons of space and are ideal for growing families. Stack beds give siblings enough room to rest and play in — or use the bottom bunk for sleepovers and extra sleeping space for family visits.
  • Girls Beds: Your little princess deserves the world. And it all starts with their bedroom. Browse our collection of girls beds to find the right one for your sweet pea, whether they’re two, twelve, or eighteen.
  • Boys Beds: From police beds to race cars, there’s something for every little guy at BedKingdom. Perfect for toddlers, teenagers, and everything in between.
  • Captains Beds: Need extra storage, but don’t have a ton of extra room? Captains beds are elevated single beds with hidden storage underneath. Browse captains beds for extra storage, the smart way.
  • Triple Bunk Beds: Get even more space for siblings and growing families with triple bunk beds. These space-saving beds are perfect for triplets or little ones close in age. Or, choose triple bunks for vacation homes that need extra beds for friends and loved ones.
  • Cabin Beds and Midsleepers: Hide storage underneath these elevated beds. Whether it’s under the mattress, or under the frame, these beds let your kid stay organized.
  • Highsleepers: Transform tiny spaces into multifunctional ones with high-sleepers. These sky-high frames with lofted mattresses leave room underneath for desks, video gaming areas, and study space. Choose these beds for siblings or only children — they’re perfect for any room of any size.
  • House Beds: Make your little one feel right at home with a cosy place to call their own. House beds are comfortable, compact, and easy to assemble.
  • Kids Sofa Beds: The perfect place to relax and rest, kids sofa beds are best for bigger rooms and bigger kids. These beds let your kiddo transition from pre-teen to teenage living — without having to swap out a ton of furniture.
  • Novelty Beds: Give your child’s room a touch of whimsy. Toddlers and pre-teens have active imaginations. So support your child’s dreams and give them the bed you wish you had when you were their age.
  • Wooden Children’s Beds: Want a bed that will last a lifetime? Browse our collection of wooden children’s beds that are designed with longevity in mind. Wooden beds are a classic design choice, perfect for any room, of any size, and any aesthetic.
  • Gaming Beds: Give your child extra space to play video games, online or with friends. Store games, consoles, and gaming accessories in an organized area under the top bunk. Plus, video game beds can double as study spaces.
  • Beds with Trundle: An extra bed for sleepovers and visiting family, trundle beds neatly hide away when not in use. Choose trundle beds for guest rooms, vacation homes, or small spaces. Plus, trundle beds are convenient for sleepovers and visiting family.
  • L Shaped Beds: Perfect for corners, l-shaped beds mean no more awkward unused space in any room — no matter how old your child is. These beds are practical for small rooms since they hug the corners and keep the center of the room freed up for desks, gaming areas, and more.
  • Police Beds: Support your child’s special interest with a novelty police bed. These specialty beds are sure to make any little guy happy. Explore our collection of police car beds, perfect for your little guy.
  • Metal Bunk Beds: Simple but sturdy, metal bunks create even more space in big rooms and small rooms alike. Whether you’ve got a kid who wants more space, or siblings who need extra space, metal bunk beds deliver time and time again. Plus, they’re an affordable choice for growing families who like to save money, too.

Kids Beds Sizes

Kids beds come in different sizes from cots to single beds, and doubles to kings. The size you choose depends on things like how old your child is, how tall they are, and the size of their room. Here’s a quick guide to choose the perfect size for your little one:

  • Shorty Beds: Best for small children around age four
  • Small Single Beds: Helps your child transition from a cot to a regular bed
  • Single Beds: Standard bed size, ideal for any room size
  • Single Continental Beds: A little more narrow and longer than single beds
  • Double Beds: Great for older kids who need a little extra space to stretch out
Type Size Age
Shorty bed 30" x 69” 75 x 175 cm 4+
Small Single Bed 30" x 75" 76.2 x 190.5 cm 4+
Single Bed 38" x 75" 96.5 x 188 cm 4+
Single Continental Bed 36" x 78" 90 x 200 cm 6+
Double Bed 54" x 75" 134.5 x 190.5 cm 6+

Kids Beds Materials

Whether you choose a model made with solid wood, sturdy MDF, or robust metal tubing, you can trust that all our beds for kids are made with quality in mind.

We only use safe, durable materials that are made to last. Plus, many of our kids' beds come with additional safety features like guard rails, rounded external fixings, glow-in-the-dark ladder grips, and more.

Kids Beds Age Range

From growing toddlers to school age preteens, our beds are perfect for any kid of any size starting around age two.

Type Size Age
Cot 60 x 120cm (1ft 9ins x 3ft 9ins) 0-2 years
Toddler Bed or Cot 70 x 140cm (2ft 3ins x 4ft 6ins) 2-4 years
Small Single Bed 76 x 190cm (2ft 6ins x 6ft 3ins) 4+ years
Single Bed 90 x 190cm (3ft x 6ft 3ins) 4+ years

For older kids, we recommend you explore our teenager, high-sleeper, and mid-sleeper collections.

Please note that mid sleepers, loft sleepers and the top bunks of the bunk beds are suitable for kids above 6.

Do Kids Beds come with a mattress?

Every Bed Kingdom bed comes with the option to add a quality mattress. We recommend any of the following to accompany your kids bed purchase:

Did you know? Over time, your little one’s mattress absorbs organic material like microorganisms and skin cells. This can contribute to health conditions like eczema and asthma.

Protect your little one’s health when you protect their mattress when you invest in our quality mattress covers for a discount at checkout.

Flexible Finance Options

Looking to spread the cost of your new bed? We’ve partnered with Klarna, Clearpay, Laybuy, and Etika to offer you multiple simple and secure payment options. Use our handy finance calculator to explore payment plans that suit your budget and find the best option for you.

Need Assistance? We’re Here to Help!

Have questions about sleigh beds or other types of beds? Whether you’re curious about different brands, sizes, or specific features, our friendly team is on hand to guide you. Feel free to give us a call at 01924 950108. Prefer to write? Fill out our contact form, or if you’re nearby, why not pay a visit to our showroom in West Yorkshire for some face-to-face advice.