Crushed Velvet

Luxurious crushed velvet beds: frames for extravagant room decor.

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Crushed Velvet Beds

Crushed velvet beds have a luxurious texture that adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom. Our bed range includes a series of crushed velvet bed frames that add a sense of extravagance to your room decor.

Black crushed velvet double bed

Types & Styles of Crushed Velvet Beds

Crushed velvet fabric is used on a variety of different velvet crush bed types and styles. You’ll be able to find something that matches the style and colour of your bedroom décor.

  • Crushed velvet ottoman beds: Ottoman beds are composed of a base that lifts to reveal storage below. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for some extra storage room.
  • Sleigh bed frames: Sleigh bed frames are a unique type of bed that act as a sturdy and opulent choice for a luxurious interior decoration style.

What Sizes of Crushed Velvet Beds are Available?

Crushed velvet beds come in a variety of sizes to fit your bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a spacious super king or a simple single bed, you’ll be able to find something that matches your needs.

  • Crushed Velvet Single Beds
  • Crushed Velvet Small Single Beds
  • Crushed Velvet Double Beds
  • Crushed Velvet Small Double Beds
  • Crushed Velvet King Size Beds
  • Crushed Velvet Super King Size Beds