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Noomi offers a beautiful range of beds, from handy guest beds and stylish doubles to a fantastic selection of classic and triple-decker bunk beds. In the Noomi range, you’ll find something from the whole family. All impeccably made, Noomi beds are the perfect choice for any sophisticated bedroom, cosy guest room, or fun kid’s bedroom. The expertly crafted single and double beds include handy under-bed storage. Additionally, a choice of guest beds is included in the range, many of which have convenient fold-out features that provide space for two single mattresses, as well as lots of space for bed linen. Or, choose from a huge range of child-friendly beds, built with resilience and style in mind. Whichever bed you choose, you will also benefit from free delivery! Many of the spacious bunk beds also feature lots of storage or even fun extras like gaming desks. Help your child make their room beautiful as well as practical, with the simple but tasteful Scandinavian stylings of Noomi. Browse the full range to find out more about the selection on offer, and find your perfect match today.

Why choose Noomi beds?

All of the stunning Noomi beds in our collection are made from solid Scandinavian pine. Due to the cold climates in the region where this wood is grown, the trees grow very slowly. The end result is beautiful, straight-grained pine with fewer knots than typical pine trees. This means that this robust wood not only looks amazing, but it is extremely durable. That’s why it is the perfect choice for furniture that needs to be strong and hard-wearing – like any bed must be! In fact, Noomi has such a focus on producing high-quality beds that are built to last, that they individually moisture test every piece of pine used in their furniture. This helps to ensure durability, meaning you have total peace of mind that you are choosing a long-lasting bed that your family will use for years. Noomi beds are manufactured in Europe, to the highest quality standards. Made with expert craftsmanship, they also have the highest environmental credentials. Through its design and material choice, Noomi is recognised for its commitment to sustainable living.

Noomi’s eco-friendly credentials

Noomi builds all of its beautiful beds using only the best quality wood, which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC are a world leader in sustainable forest management and offers the most rigorous and trusted forestry certification system in the world. The beautiful Scandinavian pine used in Noomi beds is therefore not only practical and stylish, but ethical too. The FSC seal of approval guarantees that all of the certified Noomi beds are made from wood that is verified as sustainably sourced, from logging right through the entire supply chain. The FSC work globally to prevent illegal logging, protect the most fragile ecosystems and preserve forested areas for generations to come.

The Noomi factory is a zero waste factory using 100% of timber.  All off cuts and timber deemed not suitable is used to make pallets or used for the factories heating system. The factory is partially solar pannalled and in the summer months even sends some power back to the national grids making the factory completely carbon neutral.

Currently the packaging uses 50% recylced materials with as little plastic as possible, the goal is to reach 100% recycled packaging with zero plastic needed.

Sleek Scandinavian style with minimal fuss

It’s not just the wood that is eco-friendly. Noomi beds are available in a range of finishes, including a brilliant white or a cool grey. All of the paint used on Noomi beds is non-toxic, water-based and eco-friendly, another reason why the range is such a popular choice for environmentally-minded families. The clean, simple aesthetics in all of Noomi’s range blend perfectly with any design you might choose for a child's room. Whether you want a statement piece or something to match colourful walls and décor – there’s something for everyone in the Noomi range. Shop today and enjoy free delivery on any of the Noomi beds in our collection.

Noomi is driven to achieve sustainable living through long-lasting furniture and mattresses made from all-natural and chemical-free materials. Taking an eco-friendlier approach to home furnishings whilst improving well-being. 

Noomi use natural materials and fibres in their mattresses to provide an eco-friendly option to the standard mattress. The mattress range is naturally fire-resistant due to tightly woven, locally sourced Wool. Noomi support local UK farms using the highest quality pelt in order to be as sustainable as possible. With organic cotton stuffing and covers, the Noomi mattresses are breathable, hypo-allergenic and naturally resistant to bed bugs without the need for any chemicals. 

The Noomi bed range is built to last a lifetime, aiming to end the 'fast furniture' crisis. Noomi use only sustainably sourced Scandinavian solid pine to ensure a quality build. All beds are coated with eco-friendly water-based paint.

Quality Is In the small details

The Noomi factory aims to be efficient and innovate new ways to continuisly improve. Below are a few of the special steps we take to ensure perfection.

  • We bevel the edges of each and every wooden product, this reduce the risk of injury as there are no sharp edges or corners, not only that but it also looks great.  
  • Each individual piece is hand checked over for knots which are treated to reduce yellowing over time.
  • We provide screw caps and covers for to hide all externally showing screws and fixings on our wooden products.
  • All of our wooden beds can be mirror built to better fit your needs and space.
  • Our factory is kept at a precise hummidty level to prevent the natural wood warping before it is made into the finished product.