5 Ways To Make Your Guest Bedroom Stand Out

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5 Ways To Make Your Guest Bedroom Stand Out

If your spare room is feeling a bit tired and lack lustre, why not try some of these five ways to turn it into a guest bedroom you will want to show off.


Tips to Make Your Guest Bedroom Stand Out


1. Neutral decor.

This doesnt have to mean beige, and it doesn’t mean you cant have a feature wall, but stick to soft an comforting colours and try not to overwhelm the space with too many clashing colours. Though there’s nothing wring with this if that’s your style, keeping things fairly neutral or within a few shades will be more relaxing and suited to anyone who might visit. You could go for a soft or pastel colour for the walls and still find a patterned wallpaper in the same shade to give a feature wall without becoming too bold.


2. Plenty of blankets, throws and pillows.

We all have different internal temperatures and ideas of comfort, and it would mean you’ve really gone to the extra effort for your guests if you were to have a selection of throws, pillows and blankets for them to choose from. Those who are seemingly always cold will be glad of the option for extra layers, and though you only sleep with one pillow, your guests may be grateful for an extra one (or two!).


3. An empty wardrobe - with plenty of hangers

An especially useful feature to any guest room, whether you have an overnight visitor or someone staying longer, a space just for them to be able to place their things and to hang up any garments that are best not left in their bag will be most welcome I’m sure. Be sure to keep the furniture in fitting with the rooms’ style and theme. If you are going for a calming and neutral design as, as suggested above, then a dramatic, dark wood, tower looming in the corner of the room will create a guest room that stands out…but maybe not for the right reasons.


4. A place to put a suitcase

It might seem unnecessary to have a mid height chest of drawers or even a purpose case frame, but it’s the little touches that will really make your guest bedroom stand out. A suitcase frame is often able to fold flat, so can e stored away when the room is not occupied (simply put it away in the beautiful empty wardrobe you have) but may be extremely useful to any visitor having to unpack or find something that has slipped to the bottom of their case whilst in transit. Also, the alternative may be to pop their case up onto the bed to make it easier to unpack, so not only are you creating a stand out, welcoming retreat, but you are also saving the bedding from any dust or dirt that a suitcase could bring with it.


5. A beautiful display of faux flowers

Now, I know the advise for many when expecting guests to stay with them is to decorate a room with fresh flowers, and if you can that certainly would be delightful. However, it is not within everyones budget to be able to splash out on flowers that might not last much longer than the length of your guests visit, and accounting for last minute or unexpected visitors, you may not have the time to rush out and buy a bouquet. Investing a small amount into an eye pleasing display of faux flowers will ensure that your guest bedroom is always prepared and ready to wow any visitor.


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