Best beds for side sleepers

Best beds for side sleepers
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Best beds for side sleepers

Looking for a new bed can be overwhelming - there are so many options to choose from! So where do you start? The best way to decide on the right bed and mattress for you is to consider what kind of sleeper you are. Whether you sleep on your side, your front, your back or move between all three, we've got some top tips to help you find the perfect bed with us at Bed Kingdom. So what is the best bed for side sleepers? We've pulled together some of our favourite options to help you decide.

Best bed for side sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you are not alone! Over 50% of British adults surveyed sleep on their side. So with so many people naturally choosing this posture, every bed must be the best type of bed for side sleepers, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case! As a side sleeper, you are best choosing a medium or soft mattress that contours around your body, like the Open Memory Mattress from Flair Furnishings. When you sleep on your side, you have less surface contact with your bed, so having additional cushioning is critical to ensuring you don't wake up with back pain. Mattresses like the Open Memory Mattress use foam bases to contour around your body, supporting you from all angles.

Best bed for side and back sleepers

If you sleep on your side and your back, you'll need a mattress that supports both, so again, you'll want a soft to medium mattress. The Flair Furnishings Nordic Fabric Bed Frame is a great choice for side and back sleepers. The low, stylish legs and solid frame allow for a strong base to support you no matter the position you're in - keeping you comfortable and giving you the best night's sleep.

Best bed for side sleepers with back pain


Back pain can make life difficult, and a bad night's sleep can only make the pain worse. While many people talk about orthopaedic mattresses, what you really need is support and structure, which you can get from a non-orthopaedic mattress. While sleeping on your side will feel as though you are taking the weight away from your back, you are actually limiting your surface contact with the mattress. This means the most painful areas are receiving less support. It would help if you had a mattress that supports and contours around your body, like a latex or memory foam option. Two of our best choices if you are a side sleeper with back pain include the Visco Therapy Memory Foam 800 mattress and the Sareer Latex Foam Mattress . If you're struggling with back pain, make sure you're using the right pillow too as that can make all the difference.


Best bed pillows for side sleepers

As with your mattress, you need to ensure that your neck is supported while you're sleeping on your side. Having a memory foam pillow gives your neck the support it needs while you sleep, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. This option from AJ Foam uses foam flakes that naturally form around your neck and head.

Best bed in a box for side sleepers

A bed in a box option is excellent if you want a clean and slick design for your bedroom. If you're a side sleeper, this ergonomic design will help support you while you sleep. We love the Flintshire Furniture Eco Bed in a Box for all our side sleeper customers This bed's horizontally slatted headboard, low foot end, and slatted base ensures increased airflow, which creates a comfortable night's sleep and prolonged mattress life.

Best bed for side and front sleepers

If you tend to move between sleeping on your side and your front, you'll need to get a firmer mattress. When you sleep on your front, you risk excessively arching your spine, which can cause prolonged back pain. If you do switch around at night, go for a pocket mattress over springs or pure memory foam. We love this Infinity Pocket Memory 1500 mattress from Flair Furnishings - its 1500 individual pocketed springs work independently to provide support and evenly distribute your body weight as you sleep. Pocket mattresses change their shape as you move in the night, ensuring you get the supporting you need no matter your position.

Find your perfect bed today

At Bed Kingdom, we know you can find the right bed to give you the best night's sleep, and with our next day delivery option, your perfect bed is just a few clicks away.

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