Pantone Colours of the year 2021 - How to add to you home

Pantone colours of the year 2021
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Pantone Colours of the year 2021 - How to add to you home

The two colours that have been selected to be colour of the year have been chosen to inspire.  Pantone lists them as "A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting." and "As people look for ways to fortify themselves with energy, clarity, and hope to overcome the continuing uncertainty, spirited and emboldening shades satisfy our quest for vitality."  

Adding these shades doesn't have to be hard - We've listed easy ways to add that uplifting spirit to your home and living space.


How were the colours chosen?


The two unions of colours for 2021 have been chosen to symbolise both strength and cohesion.  Not since 2016 have two colours been chosen together; however reflective on the year of 2020, the decision was... understandable. Blending the grounding, stylish 'Ultimate Grey' shade with the uplifting, warm 'Illuminating Yellow', is both quick and easy.  Even amateur home designers can easy add flicks of these colours, which as they're inspired by natural elements and positivity, are bound to create a harmonious and calm home environment.


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Add splashes of colour using accessories


Decide which colour is your 'base' shade, and then accent with co-ordinated accessories.  Generally speaking, you would use the cool-toned colour as your base colour, then add splashes of uplifting colours to draw the eye and create cohesion. 


In this case, using Ultimate Grey as your base, with yellow on top, creates a minimal, yep uplifting look. 

Introduce the colour slowly to the room, for example via rugs, throws, frames or plant pots.  This way, you can decide if the colour is for you, and can easily swap out for another colour set - Such as during Christmas or during special events.


We think our Flair Furnishings Interstellar Bunk Bed, really shows how easy, and cohesive decorating this way is!


Interstellar Flair Furnishings Bunk Bed in Grey

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pillows in various colours

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Play with texures - Soft throws, pillows and a mixed selection of blankets on your sofa or bed, can make all the difference between a cold-looking, harsh living space, or a welcoming, 'homey' look.  Not only do they soften the enviroment, they're also practical - There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a blanket to watch some TV, and they also help protect your expensive furniture!



Introduce soothing colours to your bedroom

By adding in neutral shades as the 'base' wall colour, using it as a theme to build upon, you help create a calming space for both the mind and the eye.  This is especially important in key 'relaxation' areas such as your living room or bedroom.  Colour psychology goes a long way in setting your mood for the day!


If this is too boring for you, why not go for a feature wall, which works fantastically well with alcoves, or paint frames, panelling or doorways a brighter, contrasting shade?  Decoration is your opportunity to really flex your creative skills!


Lucinda Grey Ottoman Bed



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