The Ultimate Guide to Bunk Beds - 2021

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The Ultimate Guide to Bunk Beds - 2021


Picking your child's bed can be a difficult decision but by taking your time and doing a bit of research, you will find the ideal bed for them. By reading the following guide, we’ll help you do so! Whether you’re looking for a comfortable, space-saving solution or you’re wanting to prepare your kids’ bedroom for epic sleepovers, bunk beds are perfect.  As of 2021, there is an abundance of stylish and practical bunk beds available for your children. Whether you’re looking for a small child or a teenager, we’ve got you covered. 

Bunk-Bed Benefits:

Before we go into greater detail regarding Bunk Beds, please find below a quick summary of the benefits to purchasing a bunk bed: 

  • Cost-effective: Surprisingly, bunk beds can save you a ton of money.If you have children sharing a bedroom, then rather than buying two expensive beds, just purchase one bunk bed! Also, bunk beds can come with other pieces of matching furniture which can aid you in saving money. See the Flair Furnishings Wizard range as a great example.
  • Space Saving: Arguably the greatest benefit to owning a bunk bed is for how much storage space they provide, with not only extra space to store things but also freeing up floor space for your children to play. Bunk beds can help you save space on other furniture, also. For example, some Mid-sleeper and High-sleeper beds we offer have built-in desk space and/or storage units, however, we’ll go into this in more detail further in the article. Finally, children’s bedrooms tend to be the smaller bedroom in properties. If this is the case, a bunk bed is ideal for creating more space.
  • Sleepovers: Bunk beds are excellent if your children are hosting sleepovers, ensuring both of them can sleep comfortably in a high-quality bed. Not only are bunk beds useful for children but they are more than suitable for accommodating other guests, also.


Different Types of Bunk Beds

Double Sleeper Bunk-Bed:

A traditional and standard bunk-bed, these consist of two standard single beds affixed together, one on top of the other.  In some cases, it’s also possible to separate the bunks to create two single beds, if required.

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Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed:

A triple sleeper (as you’ve already guessed), sleeps up to 3 people and is a magnificent space-saver. These can come in two forms, either as 3 stacked single beds or as one double bed on the lower bunk and a single on the upper bunk. These beds are ideal for sleepovers or if you have an older sibling who requires a bit more space. Most Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds tend to be designed with attached shelving or miniature storage cupboards.

L-Shaped Bunk Bed:

Innovative, contemporary, and an excellent storage option, an L-Shaped bunk-bed is a hit with both children and adults alike. Most of these style bunk beds have built-in storage cupboards; pull-out drawers and spacious under-bed storage options. These are excellent for storing your children’s clothes and toys! The L-shaped design gives the bed frame a unique, modern feel whilst also making this bed frame the perfect choice for children sharing a bedroom, or to accommodate guests.

Flair Furnishings L Shaped Triple Bunk Bed



Things to consider when buying a bunk-bed:

  • Make sure your child is at least five years old and can adhere to safety instructions.
  • If your child is young, make sure your bunk bed of choice has robust safety features.
  • Check that the material of your potential kid’s bunk bed is strong and sturdy. Reviews and a little Google research lead you to your answer—or you can ask us for recommendations.
  • Calculate your room size and make sure that your bunk bed dimensions are suitable for your child’s (or childrens’) bedroom. Use the mattress dimension guide above for reference.
  • Base your decision on a design that is functional for your kids’ bedroom, offering the magic mix of accessibility, functionality, and amazing aesthetics (something that makes the room 110% more epic).
  • Choose colours and a theme that your child or children like and are appropriate for their age. Once you have a shortlist, ask them to help you make a final decision—they’ll be sleeping in it after all. 


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